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What Are the Factors That Influence the Box Sealing Clear Tape Price

People who custom box sealing tape production and wholesale probably know that the clear packaging tape price will rise and fall every year. The majority of merchants want to purchase at low prices, which can save more costs. There are many restrictive factors in the positioning standard of clear tape price. So what are the influencing factors?

The first is the cost, and the second is consumer acceptance degree. People will buy only when the price is within the range of consumer acceptance. The positioning standard of clear tape price is affected by these factors which adhesive tape manufacturers must take into account when pricing.

Ⅰ. Cost of clear tape price

Cost is an important factor in pricing, including raw material cost, labor cost, publicity cost, etc. What are the main materials of custom box sealing tape? The sealing tape is mainly composed of film and glue. Then the price of natural sealing tape has a great relationship with these two factors. Generally, these two factors are closely related to the price of gasoline, which is vulnerable to fluctuations in the international market. Then, we can simply think that it has a great relationship with the impact of international gasoline and diesel price fluctuations.

Ⅱ. The large chemical manufacturers supply

Because the chemical materials produced by these manufacturers are directly related to the stable production of glue and the supply of raw materials. If these manufacturers carry out equipment maintenance or equipment failure, it will be related to the price of adhesive clear tape raw materials.

Ⅲ. The demand of social production

Generally, the production is off-season in summer every year, and the demand for sealing tape is reduced. Therefore, the sealing tape is reduced. In general, at the end of each year, the production is in the peak season. Relatively speaking, there is a large demand for clear packaging tape, so the clear tape price is easy to rise.

Ⅳ. The market of adhesive clear tape 

Different places have different market conditions, which are determined by the local economic development. Brand is also an important factor in determining the clear tape price. Even if the quality is the same, the pricing is inconsistent.

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