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Kraft Tape

Kraft Paper Tape is a pressure sensitive, light brown paper adhesive packaging tape. We offer kraft tape in a variety of colors and sizes. Main type product is: water actived kraft tape; water active kraft tape reinforced with strong fiberglass yarns; self-stick kraft tape.

There are many types of kraft paper adhesive tapes with different uses. According to the different types of adhesives applied to the substrate, craft kraft paper tapes are divided into two categories: wet water kraft paper tape and self-adhesive kraft tape type, self-adhesive gummed kraft paper tape is divided into hot melt Kraft paper type, water glue type, oil glue type, rubber type and other types. Different types of kraft tape have a wide range of uses, including carton sealing, carton label modification/covering, layered peelable paper, direct writing on the surface, edge banding or stitching in furniture and wood industry, etc. 

As industrial leading kraft paper tape manufacturers, we can custom painted packaging kraft paper tape as you like, no matter you need personalised kraft tape with logo, self adhesive reinforced gummed kraft paper tape for parcel sealing or water activated central reinforced water activated tape, we will try our best to fulfill your needs.

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Application of Kraft Tape

Kraft Paper Tape can be used for carton sealing, packaging, moving, wrapping, home offices, splicing, picture framing, font masking.

  • Kraft Tape
  • Kraft Tape
  • Kraft Tape
  • Kraft Tape

Specifications of Kraft Tape

Physical data of the Kraft Paper Tape jumbo rolls:

Backing:Kraft Paper
Adhesive:Hot-melt adhesive
Total Thickness:120mic, 130mic, 140mic
Colours:Light Brown
Core:3inch papercore in 10mm thickness
Initial tack (Ball NO):≤120
180° Peeling Strength:≥13 N/2.5MM
Holding power:≥ 4 Hours

The Production Process Of Kraft Tapes

  • Acrylic Adhesive Producing Acrylic Adhesive Producing
  • Jumbo Roll Coating Jumbo Roll Coating
  • Plastic Core Setting Plastic Core Setting
  • Tape Slitting Tape Slitting
  • Quality Testing Quality Testing
  • Auto. Packaging Auto. Packaging
  • Auto. Carton Sealing Auto. Carton Sealing
  • Warehouse Warehouse
  • Loading & Shipping Loading & Shipping

Kraft Tape Packaging

Normally Packaging: 6rolls/shrink, 36rolls/carton, 48rolls/carton, 50rolls or 72rolls/carton.

Special Packaging: Flat shrink, spring shrink, Individual shrink, stick label, 1 roll with hand cutting machine or as required.

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