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Maintenance of the Printed Packaging Tape

1. Use skills of printed packaging tape

When using printed packaging tape in daily life, it is necessary to master some practical use skills. For example, in the case of tearing off the printed packaging tape, tear the tape at an angle of about 90 degrees. This kind of peeling force is relatively small, and can prevent defects and breakage of the printed packaging tape.

For its maintenance, it is necessary to choose a suitable indoor environment. For example, the ambient temperature should be kept at a normal temperature of about 0 to 40 degrees, and it should be kept away from the sun and rain. In a dry indoor environment, the adhesiveness of the printed packaging tape is not easy to fail.

When placing, be sure to stay away from the interference of some chemicals, such as bleaching agents, plasticizers, etc., because these reagents are more corrosive, and the long-term interference of these factors will cause the printed packaging tape to be soft , dry, even not sticky.

Therefore, staying away from chemicals is also a problem that should be paid attention to when maintaining the printed packaging tape. In addition, the speed of tearing off the printed packaging tape also needs to be slow, so that it is not easy to cause residual glue.

2. How to prevent the printed packaging tape from breaking

The printed packaging tape is used in box packaging in many industries. With the increase in the use of this type of tape, more and more people have gradually learned about this type of tape, and many people have found that the printed packaging tape has a phenomenon of collapse, which not only delays the application, but also causes losses. Next, our company will give you a detailed introduction to how to prevent the printed packaging tape from breaking.

Generally speaking, the printed packaging tape is all OPP film water-coated adhesives, and its initial adhesion and holding adhesion are not very good, but the biggest advantage of this type of tape is its low price. Our company recommends not to pull it too tightly during application, because the film will be stretched, so if the adhesive is not sticky enough, it will rebound. In addition, after sealing the box, you can use the back of a scissor blade or a utility knife to scrape down the sealing part, which can make the adhesive tape and the paper more stable, so that it will not be so easy to break. In addition, due to the low average temperature in cold weather, the glue will be less viscous. You can replace it with oily glue, thicken the glue layer or put the tape in the greenhouse.

The above are the methods to prevent the printed packaging tape from breaking. I hope you will have a better understanding of the application of the printed packaging tape.

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