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How to Choose the Right Adhesive Tapes?

1. Do the adhesive tapes affect health

Health is our most concerned topic. Adhesive tapes are closely related to our lives, for example, children are used to biting with their teeth when using stationery tape. For another example, vegetable tape is directly wound on vegetables. Only when the adhesive is completely healthy can we choose with confidence. It is relatively simple to judge whether the tape is healthy and environmentally friendly. The adhesive tapes should not have a pungent smell, the application of the adhesive is uniform, and the most important thing is not to add a lot of chemical additives.

2. Use of adhesive tapes

For adhesive tapes, natural environment and main purposes should be taken into account. Different uses have different adhesive tapes, such as the application of beige glue in daily life, Taobao e-commerce adhesive tapes in the case of boxing, stationery adhesive tapes in learning. Foam adhesive tapes are used in interior decoration, special warning adhesive tapes are used in traffic travel, special insulating adhesive tapes are used in the case of repairing cables, and there are also high temperature resistant adhesive tapes. Only by mastering your main purpose can you choose the right adhesive tapes.

3. Raw materials of adhesive tapes

The qualities of the adhesive tapes produced by different materials are also different. The raw material determines the stretchability, viscosity, safety factor, and service life of the tape. Only high-quality materials can make high-quality goods.

4. Manufacturer brand of adhesive tapes

We also need to choose the adhesive tapes manufacturer. Because the manufacturer decides the quality of the adhesive tapes at a very large level, some well-known brand manufacturers also ensure the quality. In addition, they also introduce advanced technology and equipment, and use double-stretched original film to ensure sufficient high tensile strength, high-quality secret recipe, no degumming and continuous glue.

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