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How to Choose a Good Roll of Electrical Insulation Tape?

Electrical insulation tape is used to insulate wire wrapping and wire ends, which involves electrical safety. Therefore, choosing a good roll of insulating tape is a problem that every electrician has to face. 

There are many customized PVC tapes on the market, so how do we choose?

1. Appearance selection of electrical insulation tape

First, start with the appearance of this roll of tape. A good roll of electrical insulation tape should have a uniform color, a flat section, no convex rolls, and no glue overflow. Because if there is glue overflow, it proves that the glue of this tape has aged. The thread wound with this tape will loosen by itself after a long time, causing serious consequences of leakage.

2. Adhesive selection of electrical insulation tape

When shopping for the tapes, stickiness is the most important issue, especially for the industrial grade tape. We can pull off the electrical insulating tape and feel the peeling force of the tape and the adhesiveness of the adhesive surface by hand. The stripping force of the tape should be moderate. If it is too light, it will not be easy to wind the wire. If it is too heavy, it will be difficult for workers to pull it apart and the tape will be easily deformed. The stickiness of the glue surface is stronger, but it is not as good as possible, because in terms of the characteristics of rubber, the rougher the glue surface is, the worse the glue is. If it is too sticky, it is easy to rot.

3. Observe the color of the electrical insulation tape

We stretched the tape to double the length of the tape, and took a look at the whiteness of the tape. If the color of the pressure tape does not change or only a little change, it proves that the base material of the tape has no filler or only a little added. If the color of the tape becomes very white, it proves that in order to reduce the cost, the manufacturer added a lot of fillers to the customized PVC tape base material, which reduces the insulation performance of the tape. Therefore, a roll of insulation tape with a flat section, moderate viscosity, and no or only a little white inverted is a good roll of insulation tape.

De Hongxi electrical insulation tape is safety-oriented and is committed to providing users with safe products. Our products meet the above three conditions, and we provide customers with cost-effective products with professional R&D, production, processing, and after-sales. Juli tape is worthy of your trust!

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