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Normal clear vs. super clear & crystal clear

Super Clear Tape and crystal clear tape is made with high-resolution BOPP film and high transparency adhesive. With special slitting technology, the Super Clear Tape can eliminate air bubbles. Therefore we can print your logo or brand on two sides of the paper core, and the logo can be seen through the tape extremely clearly. It is a very good choice to popularize your brand.

Noisy tape vs. low noisy & no noisy tape

The noisy tape is a normal packing tape with a noisy voice when pulling out, it's used in a working place doesn't require much peace.

Low Noise Tape or No Noise Tape, a special quite tape ideal for a packaging area required high peace, for example, office, school and home. The sound level of Low Noise Tape is within 50dbs. The low noise tape can improve your tape experience and leave you away from noise pollution.

What size of tape do I need?

We offer various sizes in Thickness: 35mic-90mic; Width: 12mm-288mm; and Length: 10Y-2000M.

What fixing option is for me?

The tape can be applied manually with a stationary dispenser or a hand-held tape dispenser, this allows you more efficiently to place the tape on the box, cut it off, and rub it down.

Automated machinery for the application of tape to high-speed lines is also common, especially for industrial packaging usage.

How to personalize and brand your order?

Our special design is mainly shown in:

1. Glue formula: Different viscosity, peeling strength, adhesion; Normal noise, low noise; Super clear, crystal clear, colors, etc.

2. Tape and paper core: We offer different sizes in thickness, width, and length, customized logo printing on tape and paper core.

3. Carton Design. Both in OEM and ODM.

How will my package of orders be shipped?

Glue products packages:

We offer standard and customized packages, standard packages are-200KG plastic bucket, 200KG Iron Bucket, 1000kgs/1 ton IBC tank, 24tons flexitank.

Packing tape products packages:

Standard exported cartons packaging or Pallet offered to load.

How to choose a PSA formula for tapes?

We offer PSA formula for various materials and functions.

PSA formula based on materials: BOPP, PET, PVC, Paper labels, EVA, PE, Wallpaper, Wooden, Leather, etc.

Functions-BOPP TAPA, for example, Normal packing tape, Super clear/Crystal clear tape, Low noise tape, high viscosity tape, high peeling strength tape.

Which is best for my Packaging Application? A Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape Vs An Acrylic Tape.

What to expect from packaging tape:

- Easy operation.

- Good Adhesion.

- Strength to resist stress and abrasions.

- Perfect holding power to keep cartons sealed.

A Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape Vs An Acrylic Tape:

Holding Power

(Quick tack / Permanent adhesion)

Environmental Factors

Application method

Temperature Resistance

Hot melt



Machine & Hand

45F to 120F




Machine & Hand

Wider (32F to 140F)

Comparison Summary:

Acrylic tapes are ideal for packaging applications involving extreme temperatures, such as refrigeration, and for sealing boxes that will be warehoused over a long period of time.

Hot melt tapes offer exceptional adhesion strength, flexibility, and performs well in varying applications.

Hot melt tapes can yellow with age, whereas acrylic tape is less likely to yellow over time.

Machine grade hot melt tapes generally perform more reliably than machine grade acrylic tapes.

Both acrylic packaging tape and hot melt carton sealing tapes are comparable in price, offering both premium and economical grades.

High performance materials and products Dehongxi offered.

Dehongxi products are made from a range of high-performance materials and undergo stringent checks to ensure durability and best value. We have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001: 2004 accreditation, underlining our commitment to quality.

Which materials do Dehongxi use for tapes of different applications?

BOPP Packaging tapes mainly use for carton sealing, item packaging, household packaging, moving & transportation: Backing material Bopp film + water-based adhesive

Industrial tapes:

  • Masking Tape - Backing material crepe paper + synthesis rubber adhesive

  • Stretch Film- Backing material LLDPE + water-based adhesive

  • Duct Tape - Backing material Cloth + hot-melt adhesive/natural rubber adhesive

  • Kraft Tape - Backing material Kraft paper + hot-melt adhesive

  • Double Sided Tape - Backing material paper + hot-melt adhesive/synthesis rubber adhesive

  • Warning Tape - Backing material PVC + synthesis rubber adhesive

  • PVC Insulation Tape - Backing material PVC + synthesis rubber adhesive

  • Aluminum Tape - Backing material Aluminum sheet + water-based adhesive

What fields Dehongxi engages in?

We engage in the whole process of producing a tape:

  • Southern China agent of Raw Material "Butyl Acrylate", with the CHEMICAL MATERIAL sourcing and exporting license.

  • Individual Research & Development of Acrylic Water-based PSAs (pressure-sensitive adhesives) for BOPP, PVC, PET, EVA, LLDPE, WALLPAPER, WOODEN, LEATHER, etc.

  • Full coating lines for BOPP tapes.

  • Paper core producing lines.

  • Bopp tapes printing lines.

  • Slitting lines for Bopp tapes and industrial tapes.

We do/don't have ideal supplier, why De Hongxi?
  • We are a manufacturer. The efficiency to get quotation and sample sending will help to distinguish we are planted.

  • Price. The owner has been the biggest agent of Butyl ester to service more than hundreds of factories in South China. We are able to offer you a more competitive price.

  • Working efficiency: All sales are able to work out the price by themselves, you could send your inquiry at any time. Samples are all enough for sending. Well-arranged equipment and teamwork will help you to make design and any other requirements.

  • Backup from China, more than a supplier. We are clear understanding wanna have long term relationship we should be helpful, meaningful, back up to you, not only the relationship between buyer and seller.

  • Teamwork: The owner has more than decades of working experience in raw material, he is helpful for our price and quality. Shipment and quality will be guaranteed by our production manager because she has more than 20 years experience at the tape. Thirdly, all sales representative members have at least 5-8 years of tape selling.

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