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  • Guangzhou De Hongxi Packaging Material Co., Ltd, which is specialized in producing and exporting BOPP Jumbo roll, Bopp sealing tape, and all kinds of packing tapes, as well as various customized water-based PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) for BOPP, wallpaper, films, and labels, EVA, PE, PET, PVC coating. Since 2011, we have been serving thousands of medium & large tape factories with chemical cooperation, raw materials, semi-products, and finished products.

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Industrial Advantages

Complete and Perfect upstream and downstream industry supporting capability is our advantage and strength in the field of Packing tape lines and PSAs:

  • Professional technical and R & D team experienced first-line production staffs and sales representatives.

  • Formula

And of course, up to 20years' experiences at ACRYLIC WATER BASED PSA for BOPP jumbo roll coating, labels and other industrial emulsion applications.

  • Strong financial strength

We are a group company, that De Hongxi Chemical company and De Hongxi Packaging material company, are the independent subsidiaries. De Hongxi packaging material company mainly produce BOPP jumbo roll and finished products. In addition to that, the head company and De Hongxi Chemical company has achieved good results in raw chemicals & technical cooperation and exporting. We are strengthening our cooperation with packing material factories in raw materials, semi-products, moreover, the cooperation and investment in Technical output.

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Welcome all partners and agents worldwide joining us!


Honor Certificates

Our History

Guangzhou DeHongxi Chemical products Company Limited and Guangzhou Dehongxi Packaging Material Company Limited are subsidiaries of Guangzhou The One Top Company Limited, which mainly service butyl ester and acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. With the advantages of raw materials and skilful talents, we are able to help you to build up your own unique quality with our customized initial viscosity, holding viscosity, stripping force and color according to your demands on adhesive performances like normal clear, super clear, low noise and high stripping force for BOPP coating.

Now the world comes new concepts and tendency in tape, technical cooperation or exporting with you on creating more opportunities to your country is what we are looking for, we are familiar with processes of slitting, coating and glue making means we can solve your problem no matter raw materials, semi-products or the finished tapes. Instead of simply selling, we are more like a management company helping you to build up your business with a group of skilful, well trained experienced talents in both sales and engineers. And we have had very successful cases with Kazakhstan, Vietnam for project cooperation.

Long term business relationship we care about is not the only relationship between seller and buyer, but partners. We are not the best but we always try our best to get together and

go further. Value your business, Contact us, only action can make a "we" happen.

De Hongxi Adhesive and Tape, Forming Irreplaceable linkages.

Quality Control

Company Profile

Dehongxi Value & Principle

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    We take our clients as the company's biggest fortune.

    Backup from China, more than a supplier. We are clear understanding wanna have long term relationship we should be helpful, meaningful, back up to you, not only the relationship between buyer and seller.

  • Team Work

    Team Work

    The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

    The owner has more than decades of working experience in raw material, he is helpful for our price and quality. Shipment and quality will be guaranteed by our production manager because she has more than 20 years experience at the tape. Thirdly, all sales representative members have at least 5-8 years of tape selling.

  • Win-Win


    The company's close teamwork, technology, formula, experience, and knowledge of pressure-sensitive adhesives, that allow us to provide our customers with a range of solutions in Adhesive & Packaging Products and developing in a healthy way.

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